Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Shocking death of a kid of migrant worker in Andhrapradesh

Migrant workers in brick kiln go through various inhuman treatment and often pay a heavy price for their hard work. Following is a story of a migrant worker who lost his kid in mysterious condition. The story was appeared in a Telegu daily Andhra Prabha on 23rd March which is translated into English. At the time of posting of the matter, the issue was taken up by Mr. Basheer who heads an organisation ARD with the local government official and along with civil society organisation in Odisha planning to rescue the victims from the killing kiln.

In a suspected case of human sacrifice, a 3 year-old boy was killed in Vakativari Kandriga of Venkatareddy Palem Panchayat, Ojjili mandal, SPSR Nellore district, Andhra Pradesh

The victim Pappu (3 year old)’s parents Pertouba (35) and Rukmini (30) are among the 100 migrant labourers from Odisha working in the Brick Kiln of Mr. Raja Naidu.

In the early hours (about 2 AM) of March 29, 2012, Rukmini did not find her son and started searching for him all the night along with other workers and at last found him dead in a bush near the main road, which is 2 KM away from the kiln.

As per the other bonded labourers, here at the kiln, Pappu was found dead in the bush, with his mouth glued, tongue was cut off, both eyes plucked and a cut on his throat. Labourers remained silent from complaining to the police, as mr. Raja Naidu threatened them.

Revenue officials, who came for the panchanama of the body, reported the police about the incident. But the body of the boy was cremated without any postmortem.

With different versions of people at the scene of offence, it is giving doubts that Mr. Raja Naidu, owner of the Brick Kiln, had performed some black magic and sacrificed the boy , for making crores of rupees from his brick kiln and for the welfare of his family. Mr. Raja Naidu maintained the police officials, so that the case does not get registered.

These 100 labour families from Orissa, migrated to this area about 3 months ago and are working at Mr. Raja Naidu’s Kiln. They are complaining that Mr. Naidu, is making them captive and torturing them, abusing them with all the filthy language which cannot be written on the paper. He does not even care if someone falls sick and in addition, tortures them by making a wound on their body. They are all preying for their release from Mr. Raja Naidu.

When contacted by the news paper Andhra prabha, Mr. Raja Naidu denied all the allegations, and offered money to the in-charge – Andhra Prabha, to stop this issue appearing in the paper.

It is very important to remember the bonded labour case at another brick kiln (owner T. Vengaiah Naidu.)at Srinivasapuram village in Naidupeta mandal of the SPR Nellore district, happened exactly one year ago (Appeared in The Hindu on march 30, 2011), which stresses the importance of prevention of bonded labour and child labour in the brick industries of the District. It is time for the authorities to take stringent action on these brick kiln, where incidences of bonded labour and child labour are more.

Courtesy: Andhra Prabha 23 March 2012

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